Polymer Scientist

Tucson, AZ

Sion Power, the global leader in the development of a new generation of high-energy, rechargeable lithium batteries for portable power is currently searching for Materials/Polymer Scientist for its research and development facility in Tucson.  Sion’s exciting new Licerion® technology is based on lithium and metal oxides which combined yield a battery system with the highest gravimetric and volumetric energy densities and offer significant improvements in performance over current rechargeable batteries.


Polymer Scientist plans, formulates and performs research and development activities on new materials for battery electrodes and electrolytes, protective and ion-conductive coatings on electrodes, polymer and polymers-composite coatings, organic solvents, salts and additives.  Design and conduct experiments, analyzes data and presents recommendations for product improvement in accordance with company objectives.  Will interact and collaborate with other groups and departments within Sion Power and outside laboratories. Perform data analysis for the purposes of product and process development.


  • Develop and implement processes and procedures for new materials synthesis, coatings, preparation, and characterization.
  • Develop and implement new equipment and new experimental set-ups, develop formulas, processes, and methods for solution of technical problems. 
  • Review, analyze and report data to individuals within the material department and others within the company.  The position requires method development, experimental design and interpretation of results.
  • Hands-on experience is required in selecting and handling appropriate lab glass-ware and lab equipment for mixing, coating, synthesis and purification of various materials. 
  • Document conducted experiments, analyze data and test results and prepare technical reports.
  • Know and follow safety practices in all areas of the workplace.  Collect and dispose of hazardous waste according to approved standards.


  • Ph.D. or Master in Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Polymer Processing required.  Professional experience with polymers films coating, polymer chemistry and solutions, polymer processing and characterization
  • Experience working with air sensitive material and thin films, preferably in a battery production environment either building or testing batteries or battery materials.


  • Must be able to work safely and reliably in a chemical lab environment.
  • Successful candidates must be very detailed oriented, well organized and meticulous
  • Excellent analytical skills as well as outstanding problem-solving mindset. Outstanding communication skills to work successfully in an international dynamic team environment